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This is an overview of all electric car rallyes and races planned in the future. If you know one, which is not in this list, please contact the webadmin here

APR16: eTourEurope - 9 Capitals - 9 Days

29.-30.04.2016 – München eMOBIL – Odeonsplatz
30.04.2016 – Stuttgart eMOBIL
01.05.2016 – Luxembourg – Glacis square (Fouerplaatz) – oberes Ende
02.05.2016 – Paris
03.05.2016 – The Hague
04.05.2016 – Hengelo – Al-Ko
04.05.2016 – Hasbergen – Taste Kitchen
04.05.2016 – Celle eMOBIL – Stechbahn
05.05.2016 – Berlin – Washingtonplatz
06.05.2016 – Cottbus – BTU – Technische Universität
06.05.2016 – Dresden eMOBIL – Postplatz
06.05.2016 – Praha
07.05.2016 – Brno
07.05.2016 – Budapest
07.05.2016 – Bratislava
08.05.2016 – Krems a.d. Donau – Donau Universität
08.05.2016 – Salzburg eMOBIL – Anif


Contact: Werner Hillebrand-Hansen http://www.etoureurope.eu/contact/

May16: Electric Marathon

22.5. - 3.6.2016: Lviv to Monaco 

Electric Marathon is annual rally of electric cars, which is organized under the patronage of HSH Prince of Monaco Albert II.

Every year the Marathon stars from different cities but the finish  traditionally takes place in Monte Carlo.

In 2016 the rally starts on the 22nd of May in Lviv (Ukraine).

Contact: www.electricmarathon.com


JUN16: Nikola Tesla Rally 2016

1.-5. June.2016 Croatia

The first project of its kind in Croatia and the region. Intergration of partners, cities and towns, tourist offices, ministries and funds

Into the project - emphasis on excelence and ecology.

Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2016 is not just a "rally" than an additional tourist event - EV rally as "cool" event for modern globetrotters, environmentally conscious trendsetters, entrepreneurs, investors, tourists, scientists, enthusiasts...  

For more information, please check the official website or Facebook

JUN16: Lipsia e motion 2016

Start 3.-5. June.2016 Leipzig

Electric Mobility Rally for Central Germany in Leipzig 2016 The third Rally of Electric Mobility for Central Germany will take place from Friday, June 3 to Sunday June 5, 2016 in the beautiful city of Leipzig. Enthusiasts for electric mobility will come together for three days and enjoy a special rally adventure in a picturesque region.

For more information, please check the official website


Start 10.-18. June.2016 Bremerhaven


Die Vorbereitungen zur WAVE 2016 laufen auf vollen Touren. Die WAVE findet erneut Mitte Juni statt und führt in 8 Tagen von der Nordsee über die Elässer Weinroute in die Alpen. Weitere Updates folgen auf dieser Homepage sowie auf www.wave.earth. Hier gehts zur Anmeldung


JUN16: Eco Grand Prix 2016

Spain - 14.6.2016 Circuit of Calafat 

International 100% EV grand prix championship.

For more information please contact Rafael de Mestre

JUN16: 80edays - the ultimate electric car challenge

The around the world electric car endurance test with international teams competeing to break the actual world record set up 2012 by Rafael de Mestre.

Start 16.6.2016 in Barcelona

More information under www.80edays.com 

JUN16: Ibergrennen

24./25.6.2015 Heiligenstädter Iberg


More information under the official website

JUN16: Nordeuropäische E-Mobil Rallye

Climaneutral Rallye, Exact date not fixed yet. 

Regularity tests

Orientation stages
Performance testing


More information under http://www.emobil-rallye.com

JUL16: Silvretta E-Auto

"Classic meets Future"

Austria - Montafon 7./8.7.16

Two days with a new concept of the E-Silvretta.



More information under http://event.motorpresse.de/rallyes/silvretta-e-auto/32904  

SEP16: eRuda

Route around the Ammersee / Germany 23.- 25.9.2016

Contact: www.eruda.de



The national Rallye and Roadshow for electric cars.


Rallye 2016 - schedule to be delivered


More information under http://ecross-germany.de/

Details for the rallyes 2016 will follow

  • Bertha Benz Callenge 2016
  • BC2BC 2016
  • Oresund 2016


FEB17: Scandic circle 2017 - the cold challenge

Planned route through the cold of -20C or less for 2017 around the Baltic sea without using any ferry:

Start 10.2. in Berlin

Stops in Warshaw - Riga - St. Petersburg (Press event) - Mikkeli (big MAMK event) - Napapiiri (Santa Claus' city) - Härnösand - Oslo - Kopenhagen - Hamburg

Finish 16.2. in Berlin


About 1000 km per day - in total: about 6000 km in 6 days - Small routing changes reserved, additional events on the route are welcome. A real adventure tour to show the world that cold weather and long distance is no problem for EV's.

APR17: i-Mobility RALLYE 2017


Bereits zum zweiten Mal startet die i-Mobility Rallye an der Landesmesse Stuttgart. Es erwarten Sie ca. 117 Kilometer Fahrspaß, auf landschaftlich reizvollen Routen. Wertungsprüfungen und trickreiche Aufgabenstellungen machen alternative Mobilität zu einem einzigartigen Fahr-Erlebnis. 


i-Mobility Rallye


JUN17: WAVE 2017 along the Grand Tour of Switzerland!


The WAVE is going to take place betwen 9 and 17 June 2017 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We are going to follow the "Grand Route of Switzerland", which is a 1600 km long road trip established two years ago by Switzerland Tourism. The route enables visitors to see all the highlights of Switzerland in just 8 days. Just follow the brown road signs and the tour will take you on small roads over 5 mountain passes and across all 4 language regions of Switzerland. So far, Switzerland Tourism has made a big marketing campaign for the Grand Tour, and it could be done by rental cars or motorbikes. But until spring 2017, the whole Grand Tour will be electrified, and it will be the first road trip in the world that will be doable by electric vehicles! The WAVE will show that the combination of tourism and electric mobility is possible and fun! The WAVE is going to be supported by the tourism organisations along the route and we will not only visit lots of touristic highlights, but of course also interesting green companies, farms and schools.

START: 09.06.2017

For more information and to register, click here



JUL17: Silvretta E-Auto Rallye Montafon 


Im Rahmen der Silvretta Classic Rallye heißt es 2017 bereits zum achten Mal "Classic meets future". Die modernen Pioniere des Automobilbaus treffen auf ihre Vorfahren! Zum zweiten Mal mit dem Konzept der kompakten zwei-Tages E-Silvretta. 

Start: 06-07.7.2017

Silvretta E-Auro Rallya Montafon


Contact: Chargelocator - Rafael de Mestre