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This is an overview of all electric car rallyes and races planned in the future. If you know one, which is not in this list, please contact the webadmin here

Mar17: HS emobil


On Sunday, March 12, 2017, the next E-Rally will take place in Heinsberg. This is now the sixth E-rally in a row and again many electric cars of all classes are expected in Heinsberg. Also this time the participants can choose between a short distance about 50 kilometers and a long distance about 80 kilometers. Contact: HS emobil



APR17: i-Mobility RALLYE 2017


21.4.2017 - Stuttgart/Germany

Second edition og the i-Mobility Rallye at the Landesmesse Stuttgart. There are about 117 kilometers of fun on scenic routes. Value checks and tricky tasks make alternative mobility a unique driving experience.

More information: i-Mobility Rallye


APR21-22: Sine et Marne Energie Tour


21.04.2017-22.04.207 Seine et Marne


For more informations please check the official website 


May17: E-Rally Nederland


On Saturday, May 20th, 2017 the Foundation E-Rally organizes the fourth edition of the E-rally, a rally tour of 200 km for fully electric cars. Like the previous three editions will cover more than 100 electric cars in a full day program than 20,000 electric kilometers on May 20, 2017, without a drop of petrol. Contact: E-Rally Netherland

Website: www.erally.nl



May17: Electric Marathon

???? to Monaco 

Electric Marathon is annual rally of electric cars, which is organized under the patronage of HSH Prince of Monaco Albert II.

Every year the Marathon stars from different cities but the finish  traditionally takes place in Monte Carlo.

Still unknown where the rally will start.

Contact: www.electricmarathon.com


MAY17: Nikola Tesla Rally 2017






31.5.-7.6.2017 - Croatia 

The first project of its kind in Croatia and the region in its second edition. Intergration of partners, cities and towns, tourist offices, ministries and funds

Into the project - emphasis on excelence and ecology.

Nikola Tesla EV Rally is not just a "rally" than an additional tourist event - EV rally as "cool" event for modern globetrotters, environmentally conscious trendsetters, entrepreneurs, investors, tourists, scientists, enthusiasts...  

For more information, please check the official website or Facebook




Rally of electric vehicles on public roads of Europe

For more informations please check the official website



JUNE 08.06-09.06.2017 Vienne







08.06-09.06.2017 Montmorillon


The tour de la Vienne Vehicules Electriques is an eco-driving rally that will take place on the roads of the Vienne on 09 June 2017

For more informations please check the oficial website

JUN17: WAVE 2017 along the Grand Tour of Switzerland!

Switzerland - 09.06.2017

The WAVE is going to take place betwen 9 and 17 June 2017 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We are going to follow the "Grand Route of Switzerland", which is a 1600 km long road trip established two years ago by Switzerland Tourism. The route enables visitors to see all the highlights of Switzerland in just 8 days. Just follow the brown road signs and the tour will take you on small roads over 5 mountain passes and across all 4 language regions of Switzerland. So far, Switzerland Tourism has made a big marketing campaign for the Grand Tour, and it could be done by rental cars or motorbikes. But until spring 2017, the whole Grand Tour will be electrified, and it will be the first road trip in the world that will be doable by electric vehicles! The WAVE will show that the combination of tourism and electric mobility is possible and fun! The WAVE is going to be supported by the tourism organisations along the route and we will not only visit lots of touristic highlights, but of course also interesting green companies, farms and schools.

For more information and to register, click here


JUN17: Lipsia e motion 2017

Start 9.-11. June.2017 Leipzig

Electric Mobility Rally for Central Germany in Leipzig 2017 The third Rally of Electric Mobility for Central Germany will take place from Friday, June 9 to Sunday June 11, 2017 in the beautiful city of Leipzig. Enthusiasts for electric mobility will come together for three days and enjoy a special rally adventure in a picturesque region.

For more information, please check the official website

JUN17: Ibergrennen

24./25.6.2017 Heiligenstädter Iberg


More information under the official website

JUN17: Nordeuropäische E-Mobil Rallye

The Northern European e-mobile rally is one of the largest pure e-mobile rallies in Northern Europe. The next E-Mobil rally will take place from 23rd to 25th June 2017. Start and destination will be the GreenTEC campus in Enge Sande. This weekend will also be the big GreenTEC event on campus.


More information under http://www.emobil-rallye.com






10.06.2017 – München / Odeonsplatz - Bregenz - Stuttgart
11.06.2017 – Stuttgart - Luxemburg
12.06.2017 – Luxembourg - Brussels - Eindhoven 
13.06.2017 – Eindhoven - Celle

14.06.2017 – Celle - Hasbergen - Berlin
15.06.2017 – Berlin - Dresden - Kutná Hora
16.06.2017 – Kutná Hora - Bratislava - Budapest
17.06.2017 – Budapest - Zagreb - Ljubiljana
18.06.2017 - Ljubiljana - Udine - Salzburg

Contact: Werner Hillebrand-Hansen http://www.etoureurope.eu/contact/

JUL14: E-motion Tour


14.07  Val d'Isere - 19.07 Bordeaux


-Touring Rally open exclusively to Premium Evs and Plug-in Hybrid.

-Open to everyone, owners or not, cars available for rent!

-Six days stage rally, 1700 km  

                                                    -From the French Alps to the Atlantic ocean driving along the Mediterranean sea

                                              For more informations please check the official website



Austria - 6.-7.7.2017

In the context of the Silvretta Classic Rallye, the "Classic meets future" is already for the eighth time in 2017. The modern pioneers of automotive engineering meet their ancestors! For the second time with the concept of compact two-day E-Silvretta.


Silvretta E-Auro Rallya Montafon


JUL17: 11. International EV meeting - Czech Republic


Sedlec-Prčice - 8.-9.7.2017


international meeting of EV's. More information



JUL17: ECO Grand Prix 

France - 27.7.2017 Circuit of Ledenon 


First run of the 2017 international 100% EV grand prix championship series

For more information please visit the website www.ecograndprix.com

Spain - 30.7.2017 Circuit of Calafat 


Second run of the 2017 international 100% EV grand prix championship series

For more information please visit the website www.ecograndprix.com

AUG17: FIA Hill Climb Cup

Germany - 4.-6.8.2017 Üphofener Berg (Osnabrück) 


Third run of the 2017 international 100% EV grand prix championship series

For more information please visit the website www.ecograndprix.com or MSC Osnabrück

Germany - 7.8.2017 Bilster Berg 


Forth run of the 2017 international 100% EV grand prix championship series

For more information please visit the website www.ecograndprix.com

SEP17: E-CROSS Germany 



The national Rallye and Roadshow for electric cars.



  • e-CROSS GERMANY Boxengasse in Bielefeld (31.08.17)
  • Sonderwertungsprüfung Bielefeld – Düsseldorf (01.09.2016)
  • Offizielle e-CROSS GERMANY Rallye Düsseldorf – Rurtalsee/Eifel (02. – 03.09.2017)


More information under http://ecross-germany.de/

SEP17: eRuda

Route around the Ammersee / Germany 24.- 25.9.2017

Contact: www.eruda.de

JUN20: 80edays - the ultimate electric car challenge

The around the world electric car endurance test with international teams. The third edition starts Summer 2020 in Barcelona, this time no gas is allowed to burn even not transporting the cars overseas. 

How can this work out?

More information under www.80edays.com 

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Contact: Chargelocator - Rafael de Mestre